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Is your company in need of small business lending or cash advance loans? Are you searching for information on how to apply for small business loan? If so, FundFurther can provide the answers and solutions to your business loan needs.
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What Is Business Lending?

One of the first things people often ask when they need online business loans, a working capital loan or commercial lending, is how it all works. They also want to know what business lending is. Business lending are loans that are designed for business purposes. The loan involves the forming of a debt. Just like any other type of loan, a business loan will need to be paid back over time, with added interest.

Small Business Lending Process

Other questions people often have when they want to know about how do you apply for a business loan, is the process. Some also want answers as to how hard it is to get the loan. FundFurther makes the entire cash advance loan process an easy one for you. You can begin the small lending processby either using our automated online marketplace or calling us directly.

One of our financial solutions experts will then begin working with you to explain the entire procedure. The complete form you need to fill out is simple and short. It will take only a few minutes to fill out. You can also choose to call us directly if you don’t want to fill out a form. Once your form has been filled out, one of our financing specialist will get in contact with you. They will ask you a few questions so that we may learn more about your business.

How Much Do You Qualify For?

The next step is finding out how much of the funding for small business your company will qualify for. The amount your business qualifies for can vary, depending on several factors. In some instances, you can be eligible for up to 300% of your business monthly credit value. During the small business funding process, we may require additional information about you. Once that information has been provided, the next step is for you to wait for your approval. In most cases, we usually provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

After your cash advance loan or working capital loan has been approved, your next step will be the split funding set-up. This process will take place after you have decided exactly how much cash you want your business to receive. Our financial specialist will then set up the split funding procedure and take care of the rest. Since there will be no need for you to have to change your credit card processor, the move will be stress and hassle free for you.

Getting Your Money

The final steps involve you waiting for the money to arrive. It will be wired to the account you provided us. If all the information you submitted is accurate, the money should be in your account within 24 hours time. The last process is paying the money back. That will be done via the credit card processing as we take a small percentage each day. That means we only get paid when you do as well. This ensures that you will not have to worry about the money. Or if you will have the cash to pay the small business loan or cash advance back.

To get started, simply fill out the form now and we can begin your business loan application process right away.